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UV400 Optical Film

When you want something great for UV protection, IrisPro deliver you the signature UV400 optical film for automotive and building industry. IrisPro isn’t simply a normal optical film – it’s powerful in UV protection.  It provides 100% protection from harmful UV400/UVA1 ray and at the same time, reduces heat up to 93%. IrisPro UV400 optical film can absorb Blue Light up to 400 – 427 nm. It also reduces eye strain or fatigue from eye diseases such as blurred vision, eye pain and cataract or even reduces the possibility of Aged Macular Degeneration.

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Industrial Lightings

LUMA is a global lighting company that develops and manufactures Plasma, HID, Induction and LED lighting solutions. They are recognized for their quality and innovation in the industrial and infrastructural sectors of the lighting market. LUMA’s diverse lighting solutions can address the complex needs of the market.